July was a great month!  Welcome to our many new members  and congratulations to  all of you who PR’d, showed up consistently and made tremendous progress!   Most of you have tackled and accomplished new skills and I want to see that continue!  Whether it’s rope climbs, double unders, handstands, oly technique, kipping, etc…it all comes down to practice.  Spending 20 minutes a month on one skill isn’t going to move you along much, but if you regularly come in before class (gym is open generally at least 15 minutes prior to class), or stay a few minutes after class, you can use that time for skillwork!  Or getting stronger at strict pullups, and dips…whatever;  just take that time to get better at a specific skill.  Write down your August goal on the whiteboard, and then work at it consistently through the month.

Also, while not posted on the class schedule, there are certain hours the gym is available for you to come in to do skill and technique work.  Normally after the 8:30am class is over the gym remains open for a couple hours.  This is uncoached gym time.  It would be a good idea to message me (Sonjia) to make sure I’m there.  Another option is during the 5:30pm/6:30pm class; you are welcome to come in and practice your skill work, space permitting.

Keep track of your progress! I can’t emphasize enough how important this is.  There is simply no other way to measure your progress than to know what you lifted last month compared to today if you don’t record it! The whiteboards can only hold so much information and eventually get erased (as July Fran times will be) so you are responsible to write it down or use something like the myWOD app.

31 Heroes WOD is this Saturday!  Thank you to those who can’t make it but donated to the foundation.  It’s not too late to register (which just means you’re donating $31 to the cause).  Invite your friends and family to register and do the workout on Saturday! They can also donate on that day.  Everything is scalable and it’s a partner wod so bring someone along!

We are going to do the CrossFit Total next Tuesday!  This is another benchmark wod which will test your 1RM in the squat, press and deadlift.  We will program it as the WOD, and it will take the full hour.  Do not miss class that day if at all possible!

Workout 8.2.13:
Deadlift 5×3
AMRAP 15 Minutes:
10 burpees
10 dips
10 supermans
200m Sprint