Housekeeping-Clean-Safety-Label-S-2376CFPR  is your second home, and I hope everyone feels that way!   This is where you can escape work and other problems and for one precious hour focus solely on making yourself better while having a lot of fun with each other.  To make our gym a happy home, we need to follow a few simple rules:
1.  Our plumbing SUCKS.  Do not flush anything but toilet paper! The toilets get plugged very easily and they have to be professionally unplugged, which costs a lot of money.  Please remind your children to not use gobs of toilet paper.

2. RESPECT the equipment. Treat it like it is your own.  It’s all expensive and prone to wear and tear so the gentler we are the longer it lasts.  Please remember to not drop a bar unless it’s to avoid injury or  it has at least a 25# plate on it.  If you can, follow the bar down.  Control Your Bar When You Drop It  After a snatch, clean or jerk, return the bar under control to the platform. This doesn’t mean you can’t drop it—it means keep your hands connected to it until it’s fairly close to the floor, and pay attention to it until it’s done moving. Don’t be the person who lets go of the bar from overhead and walks away, letting it bounce across the platform into another lifter, off of something back into your own legs, or into other equipment. This is just common sense and a low threshold of respect and awareness.   Please don’t throw things, including clips.
Don’t Drop Bars into Vertical Racks
When returning barbells in vertical storage racks, slide them in gently. Don’t stick the end of the bar into the top of the hole and then drop it—slamming a bar on its end damages the snap rings, the bearings, and the end cap. How hard is it to hold onto the bar and lower it under your control until it’s all the way down into the rack? I promise it’s a lot easier than whatever you were doing with the barbell before, so don’t make excuses.

3. WIPE everything you use.    Your pool of sweat is impressive but no one wants to lay on it.  Please use the cleaners provided to wipe up mats, abmats, your whiteboards and your barbell.  It is a matter of health and courtesy.

4. Clean up after your KIDS.    One reason we chose the location of CFPR was because it had a kids area.   I wanted parents to have a place for their kids to hangout while they worked out.  We have a lot of members with children and it is awesome.  Please remember to put the toys away before you leave with your munchkins.  Also food in the room is fine, (whatever keeps them happy so you can get a good wod in!!) however if the food ends up on the carpet please take a moment to vacuum it up.
Also it is critically important to make sure your kids never climb over the office gate!  That is the coaches area and is strictly off limits to children.  We need you to make sure your kids follow this rule.  If you have a child that doesn’t listen they are welcome to sit on a bench in front of the whiteboards.
Thank you all for your  help in these areas!

Workout 3.21.14
Bring your long socks!!!
7 min EMOM of
2 rope climb

Workout 14.4

14 minute AMRAP:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-ball shots, 20 / 14 lb.
30 cleans, 135 / 95 lb.
20 muscle-ups