Workout 4.3.14:
EMOM for 7 minutes:
2 Back Squats @ 90%
Team WOD (Teams of 2):
40 Medball Cleans, partner holds medball overhead 20/14
40 Squats, partner holds the bottom of the squat
40 Abmat Situps(arms must be on chest), partner holds a v-sit or l-sit
40 Wall Balls, partner holds the bottom of the front squat
40 Burpees, partner holds a pushup plank

Note: This is a partner WOD. While you do the medball cleans, your partner holds the medball overhead until you are done. Then your partner will perform medball cleans while you hold the medball over your head. When both have finished this exercise, you move on to the next one. If at anytime your partner can’t hold the waiting position, you both must stop working until both can continue. First team to complete the WOD wins.