We will be starting 2015 off with a bang by doing a Whole 30 nutrition challenge!! Want to improve your sleep, your energy, your preformance in the gym, etc?  Then jump on board with us! It’s only 30 days and I guarentee you won’t regret it. Here’s a few details:

*The challenge begins 1/5 and will end 2/3.

*$30 buy in (this is for accountability and will also go towards the CASH prize! Who doesn’t love CASH??)

*The winners will be determined by percentage of body fat lost. We will be using the Navy’s standard for measuring.  Kerin will be measuring all participants before/after classes on  Friday 1/2 and Saturday 1/3.  If you are unable to make these times just let us know and we will schedule a different time for you.


So what’s the Whole 30?  Check out these links!



I’ll also have hard copies in the gym for you to check out.


Let’s start 2015 off working towards better health and preformance!