Workout 11.12.13:
Press: 70%x3 80%x3 90%x3+
“Kettlebell Death”
For time:
100 kb swings 53/35
EMOM 5 Burpees

Kettlebell swings are about perfecting the hip hinge:

By hip hinging instead of squatting during your kettlebell swings you’ll be able to handle heavier weights for more reps, each rep will be faster and you w0n’t get as tired because you’ll be more¬†efficient.

Hip hinging is much more hip dominant (good) compared to squatting which is more knee dominant (not as good).

Key points of a good hip hinge style swing:

  • Push your butt back at the bottom
  • Keep a vertical shin throughout
  • Feet flat/heel heavy always
  • Squeeze your butt and stand tall at the top of the movement

Here’s how to look like a noob:

  • Push you knees forward and squat the weight
  • Pop off of your heels
  • Hyperextend your back (and/or lean back) at the top