Workout 2.18.14:
3×5 hang clean high pull
3×5 hang power clean
1 deadlift (185/135)
1 bar facing burpee
3 deadlift
3 bar facing burpee
5 deadlift
5 bar facing burpee
7 deadlift
7 bar facing burpee
9 deadlift
9 bar facing burpee
11 deadlift
11 bar facing burpee
13 deadlift
13 bar facing burpee
15 deadlift
15 bar facing burpee

An assistance exercise used in olympic weightlifting, the hang clean high pull involves practicing the second pull of the clean, without getting under the bar. A loaded barbell is pulled from lower thigh, past mid thigh, and then explosively pulled a few inches higher (up to the waist or further).
1. Grip the bar in a hook grip with hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
2. Squat down and deadlift the bar to stand up.
3. Tilt forwards at the waist whilst bending slightly at the knees to move your shoulders in front of the bar whilst keeping a flat and strong lower back, and the bar close the the thigh.
4. Begin your pull from the mid thigh or just below, and begin to stand up through the heels, as the bar passes mid thigh extend explosively at the hips, knees and ankles and shrug your shoulders to pull the bar high.
5. Do not drop underneath the bar, instead return it to the start position and repeat for reps.

Use this exercise to help you with your speed and power in the second pull of your clean.