Workout 4.22.14
5 x 5 Push Press (Work up to heavy 5RM)
12min AMRAP
10 Barbell Front Rack Step-Ups ( 5L/5R)  115/80 lbs
10 Pull Ups (strict)

Barbell Front Rack Step-Up is a one of many variations of the step-up.  It involves the use of a barbell across the shoulders in front of the neck. (Front Rack).  Greater stability is required; go only as heavy and high as possible without losing form.

The key with step-ups is to determine the appropriate height step first.  This is the height where proper form is exhibited. There should be no assistance from the opposite (non-working) leg, the trunk should remain as vertical as possible, and the knee of the working leg should track over the middle toes.  Lower the height if necessary to maintain proper form. In general the thigh is parallel to ground and knee slightly below hip.

Make sure your whole foot is on the box! Drive through heel and don’t cheat by pushing off with back leg.  Front leg should be doing all the work.  If you have to use your back leg, lower the weight.