Muscle ups!!  We have many members with a muscle up,  and several are very close.  Muscle ups will be programmed weekly starting this week.  Don’t cherry pick and not show up out of fear that you can’t do them!   There will be substitutions for athletes  who are still working on getting stronger at strict pullups and ring dips.  For those who are already able to do the pullups and dips you will do muscle up progressions.  Check out the video below for muscle up skill work.  Also, I am happy to work with you individually before or after class if you miss a workout and want to work on your muscle up, or any other skill.

Heading into our 3rd week of August and we’ve seen a lot of progress, improvement and PRs!  Keep working on those goats–those of you that have been regular with the volume training are definitely seeing results.  We will continue to have goat training Weds and Fri through August.

Workout 8.20.13
5 x 3 Press
12 minute AMRAP
10 Hand-release Push-ups
10 Weighted situps
100m run
ADV- 5 Handstand Push-ups