Hero WOD, “Nasiriyah”:

Buy-in: 59 Wall Balls

3 Rounds:
12 Squat Cleans (135/95#)
18 Pull-ups
23 Box Jumps


1 Clean (165/115#)
100m Buddy Carry

March 23, 2003 stands as the day American forces clashed with Iraqi forces at the Battle of An
Nasiriyah. It still stands as the greatest loss of life in a single day of the Iraq War (at the time it
was still part of Operation Enduring Freedom, and later named Operation Iraqi Freedom). The
significance of the battle from a command perspective is that securing the bridges over the
Tigris and Euphrates rivers (yes, this is widely considered the location of the garden of Eden)
would ensure an unimpeded supply route to further combat operations. The firefight started just
about dawn, ceased a little in the evening, and continued over the next few days.
At the battles end, 11 U.S soldiers were killed, our unit lost 18 Marines, and about another 59
critically wounded. It is estimated that we eliminated around 3,000 enemy people.

59 = wounded in battle
3 rounds = March
12 = 1st Bn 2nd Marines
18 = killed in Action
23 = day in March
1 Clean = a moment in combat when I had drug a wounded Marine to safety, and with his legs shot to shit I tried to pick him up to shoulder carry him and I was unable to complete the task. It is still my motivation behind every CrossFit workout I do, and what I think about when I think I might stop or skip a workout. (With the help of another Marine we did drag him to safety and he is alive and well.)
Buddy Carry 100m = the fire carry that I was unable to accomplish. 100m was about the distance I needed to carry him to get him into the house where we would set up a defensive position.