Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We are now heading into our 4th week of Wendler; it is a “deloading” week.  The following week we will be adding 5-10# to your 1RMs.  For our athletes who have joined CFPR in the past couple weeks and that have experience in the lifts,  we will use this next week to find your 1RMs and get you started on Wendler the following week.  See you all Monday!!

Workout 10.27.13
Squat 5 x 40% 5 x 50% 5+ x 60%
“Timed Hell”
5 rds for total reps
30 sec max effort thrusters 95/65
rest 30 sec
30 sec max effort burpees
rest 30 sec
30 sec max effort DU’s
Rest 1 minn.