tumblr_lm7wdq74Zi1qdcvmcWe are starting a new strength program tomorrow, Wendler’s 5/3/1.   If you haven’t been recording your daily strength wods, now is the time to start! Hope everyone had a good weekend!


1) Find your 1RM (one-repetition maximum, the most weight you can lift for one perfect rep on an exercise) on the barbell shoulder press, bench press, squat, and deadlift. Now subtract 10% of that number.

2) You’ll perform three sets for each using a weight that’s a specific percentage of the adjusted 1RM number. The weight will go up each set. For instance, the first time you do each workout, you’ll complete your first set using 65% of the number you calculated above. For the second set, you’ll use 75%. The third, 85%. The next time you do that workout, you’ll use 70%, 80%, and 90%, respectively.

3) The first time you go through the workouts, you’ll do five reps per set for your main lifts. The second time, three reps. The third time through, your first set will use five reps, your second three, and your third one rep. For the fourth and final rotation, you’ll go back to five reps.

4) Do only the number of reps prescribed on every set, except for the third (final) set of each main lift. In that case, the prescribed number of reps is a minimum. Go for as many reps as you can, trying to set a new personal record for that exercise.

At first, you might be worried that you’re lifting too light. After all, strength is built by training with heavy weights, and the percentages you use will make many of the sets feel easy. But by progressing very slowly, you’ll keep making progress indefinitely. That means you can train your favorite lifts longer without having to change them up. Our program focuses on the shoulder press, bench press, squat, and deadlift—probably the four best exercises for overall muscle and strength—ensuring that you raise your numbers on them significantly. How much? Just to give you an idea, I put my girlfriend on the program and she increased her bench press from 115 pounds for six reps to 125 for 11 reps in just four months (now imagine what it can do for you). So the 5/3/1 program doesn’t just increase your maximal strength, but also your ability to do maximum repetitions, which makes for more useful gains and awesome muscle growth.

More Reasons to Try It:
Why the 5/3/1 method works for everybody

  • The program is great for relative beginners, as it gives you a long-term plan to follow and prevents you from taking too many sets to failure, which would endanger your recovery.
  • It’s great for advanced guys. Adding 10-15 pounds to your 1RM in six months is doable, and tremendous if you’re already quite strong and have been stuck on the same numbers for years.
  • It makes for quick workouts. Your main focus is to hit your last set hard, setting a new record for your maximum number of reps with a certain weight.

Workout 10.7.13:
Back Squat 3 x 5:  Based on 1 rpm-10%: 65%/75%/85% last set is 5+
Row for calories
Push up
Pull up
Abmat Sit ups