This week we are going to get some different kind of max’s! These will be great to measure your progress and give you goals to motivate you. Also we can spend some time revisiting the basics and talking about proper form and mechanics for the movements. So for you athletes that have been at it a while this will be a good refresher on the basics and for the newer athletes this will be great stuff to help you reach your goals. Make sure to record your total in your personal records!!
Workout 2.9.14:
3 x 7/13 Front & Back Squat (70% of 1rm Front Squat) -perform 7 Front Squats rack bar and immediately pick it up and perform 13 Back Squats.  Between squat sets: Max Effort unbroken strict pull ups (2 attempts)
30 thrusters 115/95
30 pull ups strict
30 squat cleans 115/95
30 Burpees
30 push jerk 115/95
30 box jumps 30/24