Workout 7.7.14

CrossFit TOTAL

3 ATTEMPTS to find 1 RM Squat

3 ATTEMPTS to find 1 RM Strict Press

3 ATTEMPTS to find 1 RM Deadlift

***Tips: Here is some advice on how to approach this WOD: After a good warm up and several lighter warm up sets, I would make my FIRST ATTEMPT around 90-95% of my latest 1RM effort. This should be a guaranteed successful rep because we should have successfully completed this weight (or more) prior. On your SECOND ATTEMPT, I would try to shoot for approximately 105% (depending on how heavy the 90-95% felt) of my old 1 RM weight and attempt to set a NEW PR (personal record). Then for your FINAL ATTEMPT (assuming attempt 1 and 2 were successful) , I would choose a weight 5# or 10# higher to set an even higher new PR. If attempt number 2 was unsuccessful, then I would choose a weight somewhere between the weight used for attempt 1 and attempt 2 and GIVE IT HELL!!