This Tuesday we will be doing CrossFit Total.  Please click on that link and read it so you are familiar with the rules.  It will take the full hour so the better informed you are of the process the quicker we will be able to get started.

Warm up accordingly.   You have three attempts at the following three lifts (in this order):

  • Back Squat
  • Press
  • Deadlift

Do not count warm-up reps as an attempt. You only get three attempts. Make sure you have at least one successful lift for each movement or you do not score a Total. You finish all three attempts at each movement before moving on to the next movement. Total the amount of your best lift at each movement.

The original CrossFit Total video from

Workout 8.5.13:
Max Height Box Jump
Complete four attempts of:
400m for time
Start the clock at the start of your first run. Rest EXACTLY two minutes between efforts. Your score is total time minus six minutes.