Congrats to Chad on his 1st Place finish at WODtoberfest!

Thank you to Chad R., Jessica, Sheila and Jason B. for representing CFPR at Saturday’s WODtoberfest!  We are so proud of all of you.  Competing is a lot of fun, and adds focus to your daily training.  The majority of CrossFitters are beginners and intermediates, so there are lots of competitions that offer beginner, and intermediate divisions. Or think about putting together a team for a team comp!  There is something out there for everyone.  Check out  (don’t let their name dissuade  you–they have scaled competitions listed as well) for events in California.  We would love to see more of our athletes get involved in these challenges!
Check out more WODtoberfest’s pix here.
And if you haven’t seen this, check out Chad R.’s awesome video of CFPR below…Thanks again, Chad!!

Workout 9.16.13:
Back Squat
3 Rounds:
1 rope climb
10 alternating pistols
10 toes to bar
200m run
***Bring socks for the rope climb!
Finisher: Goat Work