Train Your Goats!

GOAT: A movement or lift that you just plain suck at. Something you dread coming up in a workout because you either suck at it, hate it or both. Common goats include double unders, muscle ups, pullups, ring dips,  handstand push ups etc…We all should be working on our goats, constantly.
Most everyone has written down an August goal on the whiteboard.   We’re going to work on your goal or “goat”  methodically, using Volume Training, a method that you can use to make faster progress:

Volume Training is also an easy way to track your progress. Even if you only get 1-2 more reps every session, at least you’re moving forward. One of the biggest issues seen with athletes and improvement in these movements is psychological. They practice so infrequently, and nearly never do a One Set Max (1SM), so they are easily discouraged by their perceived lack of progress.

Here’s how Volume Training works:

  • Perform a set every minute on the minute, there should be some rest within each minute
  • Perform 10-20 minutes (so that’s 10-20 sets)
  • Ensure that your first set and last set differ by no more than two reps
  • Do not do more than one upper body movement per session.

So a common example of a stand alone upper body Volume Training session would be 20 minutes of Handstand Pushups. A typical progression over a few weeks would look like this:

You can see significant progress with 10-15 minute sessions as well, so if you are strapped for time, this is a great way to build upper body strength in a short period of time.  Most athletes can only handle two session of upper body Volume Training per week.  Again, listen to your joints, but practice frequently.  For more information check out the CrossFit Journal article “Volume Training For Goats”, Brian Wilson of Potomac CrossFit.

Workout 8.7.13
Hang Power Clean (see video above)
If you are feeling comfortable with the hang power movements, start performing 8 x 2 hang squat movements. Once you get comfortable doing hang squat movements, start pulling from the floor. Starting with lots of practice from the hang will get you dialed in for the movements starting from the floor.
Volume Training: EMOM 15
Pick a goat (weakness) and complete 15:00 minutes of volume training, where each minute on the minute a sustainable number of reps is conducted and attempted to be replicated every minute thereafter. The goal being by the end of the 15 minutes the reps conducted have not dropped by 2 reps.