Stevie linking muscle ups in today's wod

Stevie linking muscle ups in today’s wod

How awesome and rewarding as your coaches to see our athletes achieving PRs,and  conquering those “goats”!  Your hard work and diligence pays off.  If you haven’t quite gotten a certain skill that you are working on, don’t give up.  Some things take time, and it will be that much more of a sense of accomplishment when you do succeed.  Certain skills come quicker for some people than others;  that’s ok.  We come from many different backgrounds. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but you. Everyone is different and it doesn’t matter that another athlete learns something quicker than you–what matters is that you don’t give up on it; because you will get it!

Workout 9.18.13:
Deadlift: 5RM
3 Rounds for reps

1:00 Wall Ball 20/14
1:00 KBS 75/35
1:00 Box Jumps 24/20
1:00 Sit Ups
1:00 Double Unders
1:00 Rest