We’re hoping to see everyone at the 12 Days of CrossFit wod this Saturday at 9:00am!  Cocktails and Cider will be provided! Bring an app to share if you like! Family, kids and friends of CFPR members are welcome!  We will be raffling off CFPR membership, jump ropes (the right rope makes all the difference with those double unders!!) and more…you must be there to win!  Don’t forget to wear an ugly Christmas sweater or other holiday cheer and we’ll  take time off your total wod time!!  Saturday 9:00am-11:00am!

Workout 12.19.13:
Bench Press 5×75% 3X85% 1+95%

In teams of 2.  26 Minute AMRAP:
Partner A runs one 400M Sprint
Partner B does AMRAP Hang Power Cleans + Jerks (135, 95)(**video below)until A gets back.
Switch and repeat. (score is reps of hang power clean and jerks) (Each person only runs once and C and J’s once)
Partner A runs 400 M
Partner B does AMRAP Back squats from floor until A returns.
Switch and repeat.
Again, each person only runs once and squats once. Each back squat = 1 pt
Partner A runs 400 M
Partner B does AMRAP Double Unders
Switch and repeat. 10 Double Unders= 1 pt, round down.
Partner A runs 400 M
Partner B does AMRAP Burpees
Switch and repeat.
5 burpees= 1 pt
If above is completed in less than 26 minutes, start over and continue until 26 minute cap.
Clean & Jerk: