Workout 6.12.14
Squat snatch
1- Snatch balance
take 5-6 sets to work up to a challenging Weight
2- Snatch grip deadlift  85% of snatch 1RM  *This is a deadlift performed in the identical posture to the pull of the snatch but at normal deadlift tempo. There is no drive onto the balls of the feet or shrug.
3 X 3
3- Full squat snatch 2 x2 @ 80%
3 x 1 @ 85%
(advanced athletes pause 2 secs. just above the knees)

10 hang Power Snatch 135/95
10 squat jumps
10 strict pull ups
20 OH walking lunges 45/25 plate
10 plate burpees 45/25 (plate must go above your head)
10 pistols 5L/5R
30 Du’s

Snatch Grip Deadlift:

  1. The snatch deadlift strengthens the first pull of the snatch.  Begin with a wide snatch grip with the barbell placed on the platform. The feet should be directly under the hips, with the feet turned out. Squat down to the bar, keeping the back in absolute extension with the head facing forward.
  2. Initiate the movement by driving through the heels, raising the hips. The back angle should remain the same until the bar passes the knees.
  3. At that point, drive your hips through the bar as you lay back. Return the bar to the platform by reversing the motion.