Workout 8.22.13:
A. Wide stance Box Squat (See video)
10×3 at 55% of 1RM Back Squat.
Box squatting allows you to sit back more, reducing the rotation at the knee joint, increasing the recruitment of your posterior chain and decreasing the distance you have to descend to break parallel. The box also allows you to ensure that your squats are actually below parallel every single time. When squatting, sit back, pause and then explode upward, driving the bar up to the ceiling as if you were going to jump with the weight.  The bar speed should always remain fast. If the bar slows down at any time, you are done with this exercise for the day, or at least you must drastically reduce the weight.

B.  5 Rounds for Reps:
AMRAP Bench Press @ BW + 5% (or add more than last week)
AMRAP Max Unbroken Double Unders
*15 minute time cap!    If you can’t string Double Unders together yet, do a 1:00 AMRAP for the Double Unders instead of Max Unbroken.